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LGF Women

LGF Women will be back again in September on the 1st Thursday of the month every month. 

Apart from the regular series LGF Women will also be hosting IF:GATHERING again the first weekend of March. 

LGF Women 2021/22 Series
Godmothers by Lisa Bevere

The first Thursday of every month we will be watching a video and engaging in discussion around the book Godmothers by Lisa Bevere. 

Godmothers- Lisa Bevere
LGF Women Connect

LGF Women Connect will run Thursday nights starting at 6:45PM as a time for women to come fellowship, have some tea or coffee. It will run on the last 3 Thursdays of the month, with Godmothers study still being on the first Thursday of the month. 

Starting October 28th!